Raíces Cuadradas y Cúbicas

\(\sqrt{{(2\times 3)}^{2}-4\times {3}^{2}}\)

Square and Cube Roots - Introduction

Square and cube roots — also known as radicals — are powerful concepts in mathematics. It is crucial in the concept of standard deviation in the field of probability theory and statistics. It is also critical in the formula for roots of a quadratic equation.
Taking the square or cube root is the opposite of squaring or cubing, which occurs when numbers are multiplied by themselves (squared), or multiplied by themselves twice (cubed).

How to Find Roots

For example, if you see the square root
, you are looking for the number that yields
when multiplied by itself. The answer is
, because
\(10\times 10=100\)
. This is called a perfect square because
is a whole number rather than a decimal. The same applies to cube roots: The root of
\(3\times 3\times 3=27\)
. Similarly, this is a perfect cube, because the answer is a whole number.
Yet, what happens if you are dealing with a square or cube root that does not yield a whole number? Let’s look at how we can simplify the root in these cases.

How to Simplify Roots

Let's use a method that involves prime factors.
Example: Simplify the square root
Solution: Start by rewriting the radical as its prime factors, which are
\(\sqrt{2\times 3\times 3\times 3\times 3}\)
. Then, group the same prime factors into pairs, then rewrite them as squares to give
\(\sqrt{{3}^{2}\times {3}^{2}\times 2}\)
. Next, use
to simplify the root and give
\((3\times 3)\sqrt{2}\)
. Finally, simplify again to produce
For more detail, see the full solution here.

What's Next

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